2021 6th International Symposium on Mechatronics and Civil Engineering
Assoc. Prof. Sudharshan N. Raman, Monash University Malaysia, Maylaysia

Assoc. Prof. Sudharshan N. Raman, Monash University Malaysia, Maylaysia

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Infrastructures across the globe are facing increased risk of extreme impulsive loadings (of blast and impact) due to numerous accidental and man-made disasters. Capacity enhancement for a new structure to resist such loads can be achieved without much complications during the design stage. However, for an existing structure, this may be a complex issue since most of these structures were not designed to withstand such extreme loading events. As a result, the necessity to identify feasible protective solutions becomes essential in order to protect these critical infrastructures and to mitigate the damage resulting from such human-caused or accidental disasters. This lecture highlights on the work undertaken by the speaker, on utilising elastomeric polymers for protective application of concrete structures subjected to impulsive loadings of blast and impact. Experimental investigations were undertaken to evaluate the characteristics of elastomeric polymers at enhanced strain rates, and subsequently constitutive equations were developed to characterise the dynamic increase factor (DIF) of their mechanical properties. Experimental blast trials were also conducted on unretrofitted and polymer-coated panels. The findings of these trials indicated that the polymer coating contributes positively towards reducing the damage of the structural elements due to the blast effects. The experimental findings were then validated by using a non-linear finite element (FE) code. The verified FE models were subsequently used as the foundation to perform the parametric analysis to evaluate and identify the main parameters contributing towards the overall effectiveness of the retrofitting scheme.